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Bodensee is a lake on the Rhine at the northern foot of the Alpsand single bodensee of three bodies of water: These waterbodies lie within the Lake Constance Basin Bodenseebeckenwhich is part of the Alpine Foreland and through which the Single bodensee flows. The lake is situated in GermanySwitzerlandand Austria. Gallenand Schaffhausen. The Rhine flows into the lake from the south, with its original course forming the Austro-Swiss border, and has its outflow single taucha the "Lower Lake" where — except for Schaffhausen — it forms the German-Swiss border until the city of Basel.

Lake Constance is the third largest freshwater lake in Central and Western Europe in terms of surface area and the second largest in terms of volumeafter Lake Rentner bekanntschaften and in terms single bodensee surface area Lake Balaton. The lake single bodensee two parts: The connecting part between these two lake parts is the Seerhein lit.: Geographically, it is sometimes not considered to be part of the lake, but a river.

Single bodensee two German parts, the Gnadensee lit.: The river water of the regulated Alpine Rhine flows into the lake in the southeast near BregenzAustria, then through the Upper Single bodensee Constance hardly targeting the Überlinger Seeinto the Seerhein in the town of Konstanzthen through the Rheinsee virtually without feeding both German parts of the Lower Lake, and finally feeds the start of the High Rhine in Swiss town Stein am Rhein.

It starts with the creek Aua da Russein lit.: Lake Constance was formed by the Rhine Glacier during the ice age and is a zungenbecken lake. After the end of the last glacial periodabout 10, years ago, the Obersee and Single frauen in deutschland statistik still formed a single lake.

The downward erosion of the High Rhine caused the lake level to gradually sink and a sill, the Konstanzer Schwelleto emerge. The Rhine, the Bregenzer Achand single bodensee Dornbirner Ach carry sediments from the Single frauen waldbröl to the lake, thus gradually decreasing the depth and coastline extension of the lake in the southeast.

In antiquity the two lakes still had different names; later, for reasons which are unknown, they came to have the same name. In the 19th century, there were five different local time zones around Lake Constance.

Constance, belonging to single bodensee Grand Duchy of Badenadhered to the Karlsruhe time, Friedrichshafen used the time of the Duchy of Württembergin Lindau, the Bavarian Munich time was observed, and Bregenz used the Prague time, while sanam jung single Swiss shore used the Berne time.

One would have needed to single bodensee only 46 kilometers to visit five time zones. Given the amount of trade and traffic over Lake Constance, this single bodensee to serious confusion.

Public clocks in harbors used three different clock faces, depending on the destinations offered by the boat companies. Because traffic timetables had not been yet updated, CET became the sole valid time around and on Lake Constance in This name is associated with the Celtic Brigantii who lived here, although it is not clear whether the place was named after the tribe or the inhabitants of the region were named after their main settlement.

Ammianus Marcellinus later used the form Lacus Brigantiae. The current German name single bodensee Bodensee derives from the place name Bodmanwhich single bodensee originally derived from the Old High German single bodensee which meant "on the soils", indicating a place on level terrain by the lake. They may also have been influenced by the fact that the Rhine flowed through the lake.

Wolfram von Eschenbach describes it single bodensee Middle High German as the Bodemensee or Bodemsee [11] which has finally evolved into the present German name, Bodensee. The name may be linked to that of the Bodanrückthe hill range between Lake Überlingen and the Untersee, and the history of the House of Bodman. The German name of the lake, Bodenseehas been adopted by many other languages, for example: Bodeni järvLithuanian: Bodensko jezeroAlbanian: Even in many Asiatic languages, the lake is called the Bodensee e.

Boden gölüTatar: After the Council of Constance in the 15th century, the alternative name Lacus Constantinus was used in the Roman Catholic Romance language area. This name, which had been attested as early as in the form Lacus Constantiensis[8] came from the town of Konstanz at the outflow single bodensee the Rhine from the Obersee, whose original name, Constantia, was in turn derived from the Roman emperor, Constantius Chlorus around AD.

Lac de ConstanceItalian: Lago di CostanzaPortuguese: Lago de ConstanzaRomanian: Even in Romance-influenced English the name "Lake Constance" gained a foothold and was then exported into other languages such as Hebrew: In many languages both forms exist in parallel e. Lai da Constanza and Lai BodanEsperanto: Konstanca Lago and Bodenlago.

The poetic name, " Swabian Sea" was adopted by authors of the early modern era and the Enlightenment from ancient authors, possibly Tacitus. However, this assumption was based on an error similar to that of the Teutoburg Forest and the Taunus: In times when the Romans had located the so-called " Suebi ", then an Elbe Germanic tribe near a sea, this was understandable. The authors of the Early Modern Period overlooked this and adopted the name for the largest lake in the middle of the former Duchy of Swabiawhich also included parts of today's Switzerland.

No Paleolithic finds have been made in the immediate vicinity single bodensee the lake, because the region of Lake Constance was covered for a single bodensee time by the Rhine Glacier. The discovery of stone tools microliths indicate that hunters and gatherers of the Mesolithic period Middle Stone Age, 8, BC frequented the area without settling, however.

Only hunting camps have been confirmed. The earliest Neolithic farmers, single bodensee belonged to the Linear Pottery culturealso left no traces behind, because the Alpine foreland lay away from the routes along which they had spread during the 6th millennium BC.

At Unteruhldingensuch a pile dwelling village has been reconstructed and is now accessible as single bodensee museum. During the following Iron Single bodensee the settlement history is interrupted.

The settlement of the shore of Lake Constance during the Hallstatt period is attested by grave moundswhich today are usually found in forests where they have been protected from the destruction by agriculture. Since the late Hallstatt period, the peoples living on Lake Constance are referred to as the Celts.

For the first time, we have written reports on Lake Constance that have survived. Thus, we learn that the Helvetians settled by the lake in the south, the Rhaetians in the single bodensee of the Alpine Rhine Valley and the Vindelici in the northeast. The most important places on the lake were Bregenz Celtic Brigantion and today's Constance. During the campaign, there was also supposed to have been a battle on Lake Constance. The most important Roman site was Bregenz, which single bodensee became subject to Roman municipal law and later became the seat of the Prefect of the Lake Constance fleet.

The Romans single bodensee also in Lindaubut settled only on the hills around Lindau as the lakeshore was swampy. After the borders of the Roman Empire were drawn back to the Rhine boundary in the 3rd century BC, the Alemanni gradually settled on the north shore of Lake Constance and, later, on the south bank as well.

After the introduction of Christianitythe cultural significance of the region grew as a result of the founding of Reichenau Abbey and the Bishopric of Constance. In Constance, too, a treaty was drawn up between the Hohenstaufen emperor and the Lombard League. Lake Constance also played an important role as a trading post for goods being traded between German and Italian states. During the Thirty Years' Warthere were various conflicts over the control of the region during the Lake War After the War of the Second Coalitionwhich also single bodensee the region and during which Austrian and French flotillas operated on Lake Constance, there single frauen über whatsapp a reorganisation of state relationships.

Lake Constance is located in the foothills of the Alps. It is also the single bodensee largest by water volume It extends single bodensee Bregenz to Bodman-Ludwigshafen for over Single bodensee its deepest point between Fischbach and Uttwilit is The three small bays on the Vorarlberg shore have their own names: Farther west, now in Switzerland, is the Bay of Rorschach. To the north, on the Bavarian side, is the Bay of Reutin.

The railway embankment from the mainland to the island of Lindau and the motorway bridge over the lake border the so-called Little Lake Kleiner Seewhich is located between the Lindau village of Aeschach and the island.

The northwestern, finger-shaped arm of the Obersee is called Lake Überlingen. It is usually regarded as a separate lake, the boundary between the Obersee and Lake Überlingen runs approximately along the line between the southeast tip of Bodanrück the Hörnlewhich belongs to the town of Konstanz and Meersburg.

The Obersee and Untersee are connected by the Seerhein. It is strongly characterised and divided into different areas by end morainesvarious glacial snouts and medial moraines. These various areas of the lake have their own names. North of Reichenau Island is the Gnadensee. West of the single bodensee of Reichenau, between the peninsula of Höri and the peninsula of Mettnau is Lake Zell.

North of the Mettnau lies the Markelfinger Winkel. The drumlins of the southern Bodanrück continue along the bed of these northern parts of the lake. Previously this lake part was named Lake Bernang after the village of Berlingen.

On most of the maps the name of the Single bodensee is not shown, because this place is best suited for the single bodensee of the Untersee. Like any glacial lake, Lake Constance will also become silted up by sedimentation in the near future.

This process can best be observed at the mouths of the larger rivers, especially that of the Alpine Rhine. The single bodensee up process is accelerated by ever-increasing erosion by the Rhine and the associated reduction in the level of the lake. The main tributary of Lake Constance is the Alpine Rhine. The Alpine Rhine and the Seerhein do not mix greatly with the single bodensee of the lake and flow through the lakes along courses that change relatively little.

There are also numerous smaller tributaries in all. The outflow of the Obersee single bodensee the Seerheinwhich in turn is the main tributary of the Untersee. The most important tributary of the Untersee is the Radolfzeller Aach. Because the Alpine Rhine brings with it drift from the mountains and deposits this material as sedimentthe Bay of Bregenz will silt up in a few centuries time.

The silting up of the entire Lake Constance is estimated to take another ten to twenty thousand years. Both the average precipitation of 0. By far the largest is the island of Reichenau in the Untersee, which belongs to the municipality of Reichenau.

The island is also known for its intensive cultivation of fruit and vegetables.

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Ричард и Николь следовали за ними к невысокому лесу. Заросли тянулись single bodensee запад и восток насколько было. Потом светляки повернули направо и двинулись вдоль опушки леса, single bodensee мрачным и непривлекательным. Время от времени Ричард и Николь слышали странные громкие звуки, доносившиеся из чащи. Раз Ричард остановился и направился к месту, где начиналась густая поросль.

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